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Jo's trivets are handmade from a durable earthenware clay and are useful for hot foods. They also can be used around backspashes and fireplaces for installation. They can be displayed using a wall hanger, easel or can be framed. They are handcarved in many different patterns and series of designs. Jo uses beautiful colors of lead-free glazes in her trivets. Come in to Forbush ARTiques to see the variety of glaze samples and choose your own colors to match your décor.

Most trivets are 6” x 6” and range from $15 on up.

Some samples of Jo's trivets are listed by category: Tiles Inspired by William DeMorgan, Beverage Series, Religious Series, Butterfly Series and the Quilt Series.


Jo has researched and reproduced some of William DeMorgan's beautiful tile designs. William Frend DeMorgan (1839-1917) was one of the most important potters of the late nineteenth century. He was active in the Arts and Crafts Movement in England and specialized in designing ceramic tiles. In 1898, he started a ceramic factory called Sand's End Pottery in London to produce vessels and tiles designed by himself and other artists. He created hundreds of designs using many colorful glazes.

Jo has recreated some of these tile designs while using her carving technique. She also uses colorful glazes that are lead-free and safe for food use.